Todd Young, KJ7PJW

✓  “I was impressed by your thoughts and how you plan to improve things if elected to Great Lakes Division Director.  You’re the ONLY candidate who seemed to care enough to actually reach out to the hams in this division.

“I hope I haven’t missed the voting for the position as I plan to support you in that vote!! I don’t recall yet having received any ballot from the Division or the ARRL.  Please feel welcome to continue to touch base and reach out if I may be of service! Thanks and you can count on my vote!! 73!!” —Todd S. Young Ph.D., RRT (KJ7JPW), Lansing, MI

Stan Broadway, N8BHL

  “When I first accepted the Section Emergency Coordinator position for Ohio I sat down with Scott, N8SY, for a long chat. Scott’s history in emergency communication was what I wanted to hear. Unlike many SMs out there, he ‘gets it’ when it comes to hard service from Amateur Radio. Over many years, Scott proved his understanding of the importance of public service with Amateur Radio. We worked together flawlessly as a team – each having made the commitment that we first would do what was ‘right’ for Ohio.

“But that wasn’t Scott’s only ability.  Scott spent hours on the road attending club meetings all over the state, to the point that it simply was not surprise to see him at the back of a meeting just listening.  And of course, he would never shy away from voicing his concerns when asked!

“This isn’t something cultivated simply to win an election over a short-term, it was a process he used every year! There was almost no one he didn’t know or no issue of which he wasn’t aware during his tenure.  Included in that were concerns about the League itself- where it was headed, how it was being managed and whether it was in touch with the membership. Scott was never afraid to voice his opinion at the very top! Because of his familiarity with our clubs, Scott has a working knowledge of a wide variety of amateur radio activities and can represent most when needed.

“I believe Scott will be an active, concerned and ‘do-something’ Director for the Great Lakes Division. There are a lot of excellent operators throughout the Division, and many who have the ability to participate on the Board level. But there are very few who have the ability to ‘Lead’ at that level and have the background to back it up. I believe Scott’s strongest capabilities are 1) he stays closely in touch with the membership and amateurs in general, 2) he is not afraid to listen to the members, 3) he understands that the League needs to do more of the same and 4) is not afraid to voice his opinion at the League level. All of that adds up to quality representation for the Great Lakes region.”

—Stan Broadway, N8BHL, Ohio Section Emergency Coordinator (2014-2022)

Robert H. Pusch, WD8NVN

  “I happen to know both candidates equally well. Scott is the good guy, who takes pleasure in talking with and shaking everyone’s hand, and he listens to what is being said! Scott has detailed insider knowledge already about the many challenges the ARRL is dealing with today. He listens and learns from the average and ordinary League member’s opinion and suggestions with interest. Without question, I will vote for Scott Yonally, N8SY, for ARRL Great Lakes Division Director—the most transparent man people are looking for!”

—Robert H. Pusch, WD8NVN (ordinary ARRL member)

Henry M. Bailey, W8HB

  “I have known Scott since 1978 and I can attest that he is an excellent choice for the position and I can think of no one else to better meet the needed requirements!

“Throughout the years, Scott has been very dedicated and involved in many facets of ham radio. He has served in many capacities and held various offices with local ham radio clubs and the ARRL. He has always been involved!

“Scott has also served on the Local Emergency Planning Committee with numerous community organizations and agencies. He serves as Vice-Chairman of that committee and continues to be involved with the committee.

“Scott’s participation in local organizations and his involvement with the community along with his ability to be a team player and a problem solver creates an ideal fit for the position of ARRL Great Lakes Director.

“If anyone has any questions or wishes to contact me, please feel free to send me an email at the following address: mbaileyw8hb@gmail.com.”

Henry M. Bailey, W8HB
ARRL Life Member
Retired Mansfield, Ohio Fire Chief
Retired Richland County, Ohio Emergency Management Director
U.S Navy Veteran

Nick Pittner, K8NAP

  “I was honored to serve with Scott Yonally when he managed the Ohio Section and I was the State Government Liaison.  During that time I came to know and appreciate Scott’s intellect, energy and enthusiasm for ham radio.  Sadly, ham radio is being challenged on many fronts and its very survival may well depend on the quality of leadership we choose to represent us in the ARRL.  For that reason, I strongly support Scott’s candidacy for Great Lakes Division Director and encourage each of you to do the same.”

Matthew Curtin, KD8TTE

  “How delightful to get good news in the mail! And that’s what I got today, when I received notice of the candidacy of Scott Yonally, N8SY, for ARRL Great Lakes Division Director. In just over a decade in Amateur Radio, particularly focused on its use in public service, I’ve worked with Scott. In that time as Ohio Section Manager and Great Lakes Division Vice Director, Scott has shown himself not just to be a competent administrator, but an operator, someone who actually gets on the air, and not just for the latest contest or “on the air” event. Recognizing not only the recreational (“hobby”) aspects of the Amateur Radio Service but also its other important purposes in the resilience and security of our communities, Scott has been not only vaguely supportive but actively engaged in the operations of the Field Organization.

“The time has come for ARRL to engage with communities of radio amateurs, and to do. No more platitudes. It’s time to act. I hope you join me in electing Scott Yonally, N8SY, to the post of ARRL Great Lakes Division Director, and making ARRL the League relevant for us all.”

Rick Evans

✓ “This letter is an endorsement for Scott Yonally for the position of Director, Great Lakes Division of the American Radio Relay League.

“I have had the privilege to know and work with Scott for many years during my time as Director for Richland County Emergency Management Agency and Emergency Coordinator for the Richland County Local Emergency Planning Committee. During this time working with Scott, I found him to be very knowledgeable, a positive attitude, respectful, a get it done mindset and always talked up the benefits of the American Radio Relay League to the public and government officials when ever given to opportunity.

“Scott served as my Vice Chairman of the Richland County LEPC and was instrumental in providing input and direction to assist in the development of county training exercises. emergency response and support of the Hazardous Materials Team.

“It is my privilege to offer my endorsement of Scott Yonally for the position of Director, Great Lakes Division of the American Radio Relay League.”  —Rick Evans, Retired Director, Richland County Emergency Management Agency; Richland County Local Emergency Planning coordinator

William S. Salyers, AJ8B

✓ “The intention of this letter is to express my endorsement of Scott Yonally to the position of ARRL Great Lakes Division Director in the November 2023 ARRL Election (term to commence January 1, 2024).

Scott has been the embodiment of amateur radio and the ARRL since he has been involved in the ARRL field organization. I first met Scott at the Milford Hamfest in 2019. Scott immediately befriended me, and we discussed what is needed in the field organization and for ham radio.

Scott challenged me to get involved in such a way that I could leverage my experiences and talents. Since being challenged, mentored, and encouraged by Scott, I:

  • became the president of the Southwest Ohio DX Association
  • published a weekly DX column in the Ohio Section Journal
  • Created and produced the DX Mentor podcast
  • Produced a weekly section for the This Week in Amateur Radio podcast

This is not about me, but about the relationship I have with Scott and his impact on my work with Ham Radio.

Scott has been at almost every Hamfest or activity that I have been able to attend; he is not just getting active now that the election is a few weeks away. He is always available for a phone call, text message, or email to get input or feedback.

I wholeheartedly endorse and support Scott Yonally, N8SY, for the position of the ARRL Great Lakes Division Director.

—William S. Salyers AJ8B, Waynesville, Ohio

Jim Ashman, W8ASH

✓  “Hi Scott, we got reacquainted a few weeks ago at the Cincinnati Hamfest. I am Jim Ashman, W8ASH, of New Bremen, Ohio. I have asked all my ham radio associates to consider voting for you because of your experience you have had over many years. I wish you the very best and am always looking forward to hearing from you! Very 73.” —Jim, W8ASH, New Bremen, Ohio

Mark Volstad, AI4BJ

✓  “You have my vote, Scott. 73.”  —Mark Volstad, AI4BJ, Burlington, KY

R. Horner, N8TAW

✓  “I like the card you sent out.  You have my vote.” —R. Horner, N8TAW, Clinton Township, Michigan

John Degutis, N8LVA

✓  “You have my vote, Scott.” —John Degutis, N8LVA, Leavittsvburg, Ohio

Mike Mickelson, KD8DZ

✓  “Scott, you have my support…waiting for the ballot!”  —Mike, KD8DZ, Granville, Ohio

Gayle Adams, W8KWG

✓  “Scott: You have my vote! 73.” —Gayle Adams, W8KWG, Columbus, Ohio

John “Jack” Sovik, KB8WPZ

✓  “I was thrilled to hear Scott Yonally, N8SY, was running for Great Lakes Division Director. I have known Scott since 2010 as we both worked together on the cabinets of two Ohio Section Managers: Joe Phillips, K8QOE, and Frank Piper, AE8FP. Scott served as PIC and ASM and I as SEC and later as PIC.

“I have always found Scott to be a dedicated hard worker to Amateur Radio and the ARRL showing uncommon common sense, excellent judgment and people skills. I am astonished to see the time Scott has spent attending club meetings, hamfests, and ARRL functions always available and positive. I have seen him discuss with members subjects that I knew he disagreed with but he ALWAYS listened with respect.

“In conclusion, I believe Scott Yonally, N8SY, has the knowledge, work ethic and love of Amateur Radio to be an EXCELLENT Great Lakes Division Manager.” John “Jack” Sovik, KB8WPZ, Youngstown, Ohio

Ron Hollas, K8RJH

✓  “I have personally experienced several interactions with Scott Yonally, N8SY, at various Ohio ARRL and amateur events and merit him being an outstanding candidate for our Great Lakes Division Director.

“Scott has demonstrated inspiring coaching activities that effectively promoted League membership and ARES recruitment. He has been proactive in numerous hamfests, seminars, local meetings, and on-air while being personally accessible to any request with the Amateur Service and the benefits the ARRL organization provides. Scott has a very good understanding of Amateur Radio members and the volunteer service we do provide within our communities.

“Scott’s ARRL service as our Great Lakes Division Director would reflect well for the region, nationally, while representing our membership within the ARRL organization.” —Ron Hollas, K8RJH, Bedford, Ohio.

Andy Crowl, K4AWC

✓  “I have been watching your posts from all sorts of locations around the Great Lakes ARRL region. You are an asset to our hobby. I appreciate what you do. Many around the division appreciate what you do. No one deserves to be our next director more than you. All the best. —Andy Crowl, K4AWC, California, Kentucky

Scott D. Majors, K3SDM

✓  “Wanted you to know that I received the email this morning from ARRL  concerning the online voting process, and I just submitted my vote for you as our next Great Lakes Division Director. I appreciated the time and effort you placed into the drafting of your candidate statement, and I value the years of service you have shared with ARRL and the entire Amateur Radio community for these past several years. Please let me know if I may assist you in your new role (I am optimistic in your election). —Scott D. Majors, K3SDM, Louisville, Kentucky

Dave Tkach, N8YZ

✓  Nice meeting you in Findlay, but I think I also talked to you in Grove City at the the Aladdin hamfest. I just cast my vote for you. Good Luck!!! 73s, —Dave N8YZ, Columbus, Ohio

Lake County Amateur Radio Association

Lake County ARA logo  “LCARA’s board of directors is proud to endorse Scott Yonally, N8SY, for Director of the Great Lakes Division of the ARRL.

“Scott has worked tirelessly on behalf of Amateur Radio in Ohio, and in particular the many clubs in northeastern Ohio. He deserves our gratitude and support. When voting opens, we urge your to cast your ballot for Scott.”

Geauga Amateur Radio Association

Geauga ARA logo The Geauga Amateur Radio Association is an amateur (ham) radio club in the Cleveland Ohio area devoted to promoting amateur radio, supporting public service activities, and uniting amateur radio licensees in Geauga and surrounding counties in Northeast Ohio.

Seneca Radio Club

  The Seneca Radio Club, a Regional Amateur Radio Club in Seneca County of over 50 active members, hereby endorses and unanimously supports Scott Yonally, N8SY, in his bid to become Director of the Great Lakes Division of the ARRL. His commitment to the betterment of Amateur Radio is unequaled and his vision for the future is forward looking and in the best interests of Amateur Radio operators everywhere. Based upon his Amateur Radio experience, radio club growth, delivery of support, and unconditional Service to Amateur Radio, we can think of no individual who is more qualified to be the Great Lakes Division Director. Please join the Seneca Radio Club of Tiffin, Ohio, in supporting Scott Yonally, N8SY, for a bright future for the Great Lakes Division of the ARRL. 

Central Ohio Radio Club

Central Ohio Radio Club  “The Central Ohio Radio Club (CORC) is pleased to endorse Scott Yonally, N8SY as the next ARRL Great Lakes Director. Our club has enjoyed Scott’s many visits to our meetings updating us on the latest ARRL information. He is an extremely dedicated ARRL knowledgeable volunteer.” —Laura Perone, KA8IWB, CORC President

The Central Ohio Radio Club, Inc., established in 1970, maintains a network of repeaters covering the 2M, 6M and 70cm bands. The mission of CORC is to:

a) Enhance the value of the amateur service to the public as a voluntary noncommercial communication service, particularly with respect to providing emergency communications.
b) Extend amateur radio’s proven ability to contribute to the advancement of the radio art.
c) Advance skills in both the communications and technical phases of the art.
d) Expand the existing reservoir of trained operators, technicians, and electronics experts in the central Ohio area.

Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society

Northern Ohio ARS logo “Scott Yonally, N8SY, who is running for the ARRL Great Lakes Division Director position was at the picnic … Scott was given five minutes to talk about the position, he stated the current director is stepping down and he answered questions. Scott mentioned his background with the ARRL and that he is running opposed. A motion was brought by Carl, W8KRF, and seconded by Bill, N8WS. The vote was unanimous to endorse Scott.”

The Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society is one of the oldest radio clubs in the Great Lakes area, having been formed in 1958 or 1959, and receiving official status in 1963. Our membership comes primarily from the Northern Ohio area. The Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society has been an American Radio Relay League-affiliated radio club since January 1972. We provide public service, education, and furtherance of the Amateur Radio hobby.


Massillon Amateur Radio Club

Since 1927, the Massillon Amateur Radio Club has been a diverse radio hobbyist club that is currently over 80 members strong. Active within our community as well as an ARRL Special Service Club, we are actively involved in many facets of Amateur Radio, including public service, membership, field day, repeaters, Amateur Television (ATV), Skywarn plus many other interests.

  “As an ARRL Affiliated and Special Service Club, The Massillon Amateur Radio Club has unanimously pledged to endorse Scott D. Yonally (ARRL Great Lakes Division, Vice Director) as a candidate for the ARRL Great Lakes Division Director in the November 2023 ARRL Election (term to commence January 1, 2024).

“Scott Yonally has tirelessly supported the mission and vision of the ARRL in Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio as well as at the national level of the ARRL. Scott has provided endless support to our local organization in his current position as ARRL Great Lakes Division Vice Director and was a major advocate to us in many supporting and committee roles for multiple decades prior to his current position. Recently, Scott has fulfilled the role of ARRL Great Lakes Division Director in the absence of Dale Williams (WA8EFK) – Current ARRL Great Lakes Division, Director.

“Scott is an extremely experienced candidate who has much insight into the needs and challenges that face amateur radio and the ARRL in the 21st century. His commitment to excellence and professionalism is represented in his ability to tackle difficult issues in a difficult world, while always striving to provide respectful solutions. This insight has always been reached by listening. Scott is a tremendous advocate & educator to all organizations and goes above and beyond to share the mission of the ARRL. His ‘message’ is consistent, accurate and dependable.

“The Massillon Amateur Radio Club, through unanimous endorsement & proclamation by voting members has recorded our endorsement of Scott D. Yonally (N8SY) as a candidate for the ARRL Great Lakes Director. (Recorded in the minutes of the September 1, 2023 Meeting of the Massillon Amateur Radio Club)” —Donald L. Rankl, N8IVJ – President, Massillon Amateur Radio Club

All Things Amateur Radio Association

  All Things Amateur Radio Association (ATARA) is a family-oriented radio club set in the foothills of Southern Ohio. Our mission is to have fun with all aspects and modes of operation for amateur radio. We enjoy supporting a plethora of organized outdoor community events by operating from base stations, mobile stations & handhelds (HTs). We welcome amateur operators, non-amateurs, and family members to join our exciting club and to participate in all of our activities and events!

Van Wert Amateur Radio Club

Van Wert ARC logo  Our Mission Statement:

To educate and increase the proficiency of its members concerning scientific advancement and progress in the science of amateur radio communications.

To organize and train licensed radio amateurs capable of maintaining radio communications as a public service during periods of emergency.

To encourage and sponsor experimental activities in radio communications and electronics, to the end that skills and experience gained in amateur radio will further the application of electronics to the benefit of the public at large.

Scioto Valley Amateur Radio Club

Scioto Valley ARC photo  Founded in 1959 the Scioto Valley Amateur Radio Club was created to promote amateur radio activity in Southern Ohio.After 50 years the club is still very active in promoting the hobby and providing emergency communication for the Scioto River Valley! Club meetings 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:30pm at Scioto Trails State Park.

Silvercreek Amateur Radio Association

Silvercreek ARA logo  The Silvercreek Amateur Radio Association or “SARA” was established in 1977 to provide technical support, fellowship, and public service opportunities for amateur radio operators in the tri-county area of Medina, Summit, and Wayne counties in Northeast Ohio. SARA is an ARRL Special Service Club, meaning that it exists to go above and beyond for their communities and for Amateur Radio. SARA strives to be a leader in the Amateur Radio community by providing technical training, publicity programs, and pursuing technical projects and operating activities.

SARA is a general-interest club with members involved in a wide variety of amateur radio activities including VHF/UHF communications, HF communication, repeater operation, digital voice technologies such as DMR, radiosport contesting, and, of course, public service. SARA is proud to support ARES programs in both Summit and Wayne Counties as well as NWS SKYWARN operations in the tri-county area.

Findlay Radio Club

FIndlay Radio Club✓  “The Findlay Radio Club endorses Scott Yonally, N8SY, for Great Lakes Division Director.”

The Findlay Radio Club clubhouse has a meeting room, radio room, kitchen, and rest rooms. The radio room contains many radios from various manufacturers, and allows radio communication in almost all modes. Its antenna farm has many towers which contain antennas for optimal radio sending and reception. For all amateurs in the area and passing through, the club offers two repeaters—one on 440MHz and one on two-meters. The club participates in the ARRL’s Field Day each year which allows the membership to contact many other amateurs from many different regions.  It conducts examinations for those wishing to obtain an amateur license each month, and helps to fund the Findlay Safety Town which teaches area youngsters to respect and cope with vehicular traffic. The club has purchased a communications trailer which is used by the local ARES group in emergency situations and continues to provide the venue for the Findlay Hamfest, which is held in September each year.

Alliance Amateur Radio Club

✓ “[The Alliance Amateur Radio Club] wholeheartedly endorses Scott Yonally, N8SY, for the position of Division Director. Scott’s unwavering dedication to the amateur radio community is truly commendable. As a longtime member and leader of the ARRL Ohio section cabinet, he has consistently demonstrated his passion for the hobby and his commitment to its growth and well-being.

“Scott’s extensive experience, not only as a licensed amateur radio operator but also as a mentor and leader within the ARRL Ohio Section, makes him the ideal candidate for Division Director. We have the utmost confidence in Scott’s ability to represent our division effectively and to work tirelessly in the best interests of all amateur radio operators. We wholeheartedly support his candidacy for Division Director, and we encourage all fellow hams to cast their votes in his favor.” 

Southern Ohio Amateur Radio Association

Southern Ohio ARA logo✓  “Thank you Scott for everything that you do for ham radio. Yes, you do deliver!! You certainly have my vote and the full support and endorsement of the Southern Ohio Amateur Radio Association.” —Mike Love, WB8YKS

The Southern Ohio Amateur Radio Association is an Ohio non-profit corporation dedicated to community service through Amateur Radio. SOARA is active with ARES / RACES, Lawrence County, Ohio EMA and all other emergency services. SOARA is also active with special community events and local media. SOARA is an ARRL Special Service Club, effective on November 19, 2019.

Richland County (Ohio) Emergency Management Agency

Richland Co. EMA endorsement letter✓  “Scott Yonally has been actively engaged with disaster efforts in Richland County for many years. He has participated in such activities as local disaster exercises and recovery from local disasters. He also participates on committees such as the Local Emergency Planning Committee as vice chair and has been involved with exercise design teams. Scott’s affiliation with the Amateur Radio club plays a vital role with the Richland County EMA in times when communication via cell or local radio methods are weak or not functioning at all.”

Jim Duff, AC8DG

“Where do I vote? Your resume looks good to get Leelanau County connected to Lansing. 73. —Jim Duff, AC8DG, Northport, Michigan

John Pick, KC8JRE

✓ “Just wanted to tell you that I just voted for you.  Best of luck in getting the DIRECTOR position. 73.” —John Pick, KC8JRE, Minford, Ohio

“Butch” Lebold, WA8SHP

✓  Good luck with the election. I just voted for you electronically. —Max R “Butch” Lebold, WA8SHP, Bolivar, Ohio

Stacey Mathews, KD8ZEP

✓ “Really hoping you get that position. You always work your tail off for everyone!”  —Stacey Mathews, KD8ZEP, Warren, Ohio

Edwin Irving, KC2CNG

Thank you for your offer to become Director of the Great Lakes Region. I did vote for you Scott. You have identified specific goals that I am sure will be quantified when accomplished. Good luck for now and congratulations for later if appropriate. —Edwin Irving, KC2CNG, Canton, Ohio

Dave Hudelson, W8HUD

✓  I hope the election went well, you had my vote! —Dave Hudelson, W8HUD, Pickerington, Ohio

George Reidel, N1EZZ

✓ Scott, I voted for ya !!

George Riedel, N1EZZ, Akron, Ohio