My Priorities

Goals iconEvery leadership role that I have held has come with an understanding that I would have 100 days to take actions that demonstrate my ability to do the job and my commitment to address important issues that ARRL members here in the Great Lakes Division care about.  I believe that anyone that is chosen to be your Great Lakes Division Director should make this sort of commitment.

The following actions will be completed during the first 100 days after becoming your ARRL Great Lakes Division Director.

  • I will complete a round of proactive ARRL Leadership and Board outreach discussions.  I will reach out to all ARRL Directors, all Vice Directors, the President, First and Second Vice Presidents and our CEO to try to understand what they feel needs to be done to improve the Amateur Radio Service and the ARRL’s role in it.  I will attempt to find common ground and build consensus on concrete action that we can take in support of ARRL member needs.  I will partner with our Vice Director to complete these conversations.
  • I will take concrete steps to improve Communications and Collaboration within the Great Lakes Division.  I will schedule regular quarterly Division Cabinet meetings with all of the Section Managers within the Great Lakes Division.
  • I will modernize our Division’s newsletter, making it more robust and interesting.  It will incorporate pictures and interesting articles from around the Division and will be easily downloadable for you to save and read anytime on or off-line.
  • I will do surveys asking for your input on many subjects.  Getting your input is vital to Amateur Radio’s health and wellbeing as well as to the Great Lakes Division.  A simple one or two question survey every month will go far in keeping the lines of communication open and collaborative.