Scott Yonally, N8SY, became licensed as a Novice in January 1979 as KA8DWI. In 1980, he upgraded to General. In 1982, he again upgraded to Advanced class and became KC8SS.

In January 2000, Scott passed the Amateur Extra exam and 20 WPM code element. He retained his KC8SS call for just a short time, after which friends convinced him to apply for a vanity call sign with his initials.

Scott Yonally has been representing Amateur Radio to the public in various capacities for more than 45 years. He currently serves as your Director for the Great Lakes Division; Official Relay Station; Official Emergency Station; Executive Committee member of the Richland County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) and member of Ohio Public / Private Partnership (OP3). He is also a Life member of the Ohio Single Side-Band Net (OSSBN) and an active member of the Quarter Century Wireless Association as well.

In the mid 1980s, Scott became one of the first 300 accredited Volunteer Examiners in the country through the Dayton Amateur Radio Association.

Scott has always had a fondness for emergency communications and traffic handling. Over the years, he’s passed more than 4,000 pieces of traffic through the various nets around the country. He has been directly involved in many communications emergencies as well.

N8SY has served in various capacities in the ARRL field organization: Great Lakes Division Vice-Director; Section Manager, Ohio; Assistant Section Manager; Public Information Coordinator; Affiliated Club Coordinator; District Emergency Coordinator and Assistant Emergency Coordinator. This extensive experience has given Scott a well-rounded vocation in not only field services and emergency communications, but also in public information through working with served agencies and the various clubs and associations around the state.

Scott Yonally’s interest in writing led him to become the editor of his local club newsletter, Airwaves Journal. Over the years, Airwaves Journal has won several national and Ohio Section awards—an accomplishment that Yonally is proud of. He’s also been published in the ARRL National Educational Workshop book Ham Radio, Planning for the Future.

In the 1990s, Scott’s interest in the Worldwide Web led him to create a number of commercial websites that he still maintains today. In addition, he’s created websites for the Great Lake Division, Ohio Single Side-Band Net, Ohio Section and several local club websites as well.

In 2019, N8SY was honored with the Joe Knight Distinguished Service Award for his work as ARRL Section Manager of Ohio, and for his leadership contributions to the field organization. He is but one of a handful of Section Managers in the country to receive this award.

Scott’s wife, Janie, is KB8YPW. Janie is often seen assisting Scott at ARRL tables at the various hamfests and conventions.

“I truly enjoy being part of Amateur Radio and all it has to offer,” says Yonally. “I am a Life Member of the ARRL, and sincerely hope that my story helps to inspire everyone to serve and be a part of the ARRL and this great service.”


I’m available to discuss your questions and concerns anytime. I’m just an email or phone call away.

And I might be visiting your local radio club in the near future.


Scott Yonally, N8SY
258 Valley Hi Dr.
Lexington, OH 44904




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