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Hi Gang,


Yes, I’m running for re-election for Section Manager. Since taking over in 2014 I have enjoyed working with you and hope that you’ll allow me to continue as Section Manager for the next two years. Licensed and a League member since 1979, I am an Extra Class.


I’m a very active member in numerous nets and clubs around the state and created the websites for Ohio Section, Great Lakes Division, Ohio Single Side-band Net (OSSBN) and the Ohio ARES/OES HF Digital Net (OHDEN). The Ohio Section Logo that is so proudly displayed on many newsletters and club stationary is also my design.


I’ve introduced new ideas to the Section; such as the “Handbook Give Away”, “Ohio’s Section Hat”, “Mug on Me”,  the coveted “Special Section Manager’s Award” and "NVIS Day". My goal with these programs is to bring “FUN” into Amateur Radio.  


Making the Ohio Section open to all Amateur Radio operators has been “Priority One” for me. Everyone, whether an ARRL member or not, needs to have complete and free access to the latest information from ARRL Headquarters and around the world. I’ve done this through the Ohio Section website  http://arrlohio.org   as well as having active Facebook and Twitter accounts.


You can sign-up for the latest news from me, the Division Director and the ARRL just by sending me an email. How easy is that!! There’s a portal on the website for you to view posts from me on Facebook without having to have a Facebook account! You can also follow a number of different important sites without making any commitments, or setting up any special accounts.


The Ohio Section Journal is posted monthly on the website, in full color with pictures and graphics to augment the stories. It’s also archived and searchable so you can look at past issues anytime. You can view the Section Traffic, Section Emergency and the Official Observer Coordinator’s monthly reports on the website as well.  


The most important thing to remember is.. “it’s FREE and OPEN to EVERYONE.” If you haven’t viewed the Ohio Section website, Facebook or Twitter accounts, I personally invite you to do so. 


Other accomplishments include automated reporting forms for ARES, OES and PSHR in Ohio. We have made all of this reporting count too! Ohio has a 100% reporting record with Headquarters and not many Sections in the country can state that.


Ohio’s now has its first active ARES Mutual Assistance Team (ARESMat). Its primary function is to assist, when requested, and establish needed additional resources for the ARES in times of an emergency.


New Club Affiliations, Special Services Clubs and their renewals are also been a priority of mine. Many new Affiliated Clubs and Special Services Clubs have been approved since 2014. Working with Headquarters we now have an automated form to renew your Club Affiliation. I’m currently engaged with Headquarters to automate the Special Services Club renewal process as well.


When the ARRL signed the MOU with FEMA in 2014 it brought new challenges for ARES programs. Partnering with the Emergency Management Association of Ohio (EMAO), Ohio Department of Homeland Security (ODHS) and Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) has benefited the Section greatly. This now allows our Section to partner closer with our EMA Directors, Homeland Security – Ohio Public/Private/Partnership (OP3) and other government officials more than ever before. With these new partnerships we now have the ability to give our ARES members a statewide accepted credential for any emergency in Ohio.


To make sure that our ARES members have the training they will need now and into the future, the Ohio Section has taken the bold steps to encourage our members to get certified in the Incident Command System (ICS). We are also holding conferences all around the state, meeting with everyone interested in ARES to get them trained in these new methods as well.


The position of Ohio Section Manager holds great importance and responsibility. As a recently retired Automotive Engineer I am able to travel and support your meetings/special events and hamfests. My plan is to continue to travel this great state and support you and your endeavors.


I feel that the Ohio Section has the best and hardest working Section Cabinet in the country, being responsive and there for you has been our priority. I believe it is important to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk as well. I’m always available for you if you have any questions, concerns or would just like to sit and chat awhile.


Call or write me at:  n8sy@n8sy.com or  (419) 512-4445


Your vote and support is greatly appreciated.


UPDATE:..  This past weekend (Field Day) I traveled to 14 different Field Day sites, and drove almost 1,000 miles to visit with you. This has been a tradition of mine for many years. I feel that it is very important for the Section Manager to be out and about with YOU.



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