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Hi Gang,

Yes, I’m running for re-election for Section Manager. Since taking over in 2014 I have enjoyed working with you and hope that you’ll allow me to continue as Section Manager for the next two years.

I’ve introduced some new ideas; such as the “Handbook Give Away”, the “Ohio Section Hat” and the “Mug on Me” programs. I’ve created a “Special Section Manager’s Award” to honor those who have gone above and beyond the norm. The Ohio Section Logo that is now so proudly displayed on many newsletters and club stationary is my design. I also created the websites for the Ohio Section, Great Lakes Division, Ohio Single Side-band Net (OSSBN) and the Ohio ARES / OES Digital Net.  

By automating the EC/DEC/SEC reporting forms, I am proud to announce that for the past two years the Ohio Section has had a perfect 100% reporting for ARES, as well as our Public Service Honor Roll. Recognizing a gap in being able to capture all the work that our Official Emergency Stations (OES) do, there’s now a form to record every volunteer hour. We have made our efforts count. Ohio is one of the very few Sections in the country that has 100% reporting record.

Working in the background, sending reminders to club officers about getting their Club Affiliation renewed on time has been a priority of mine. There have been five new Affiliated Clubs brought on since I took over.

Working with Headquarters there is now an automated way to renew your Affiliated Club paperwork.  This improvement means that once you’ve complete the form your record is automatically updated and completed. No more muss or fuss. I am continuing to work with Headquarters to do that exact same thing for the Special Services Club renewals too. This makes it easier for clubs to keep their records up-to-date and frees up staff time at Headquarters as well.

Entering into the new world of FEMA in 2014 has brought new challenges to Amateurs around the country. How do we get recognized? As a member of the Emergency Management Association of Ohio (EMAO),  the Ohio Section has benefited in many ways. This new relationship has already given Amateurs in Ohio a great step up from other Sections by allowing us to talk and partner much closer to our EMA Directors all over the state. By engaging the Ohio Section with the Ohio Public Private Partnership (OP3) gives us direct input to the Ohio Department of Homeland Security. With this partnership we are now able to credential our Amateurs for any emergency in the state. The Ohio Section is also a partner with Ohio Voluntary Organization Active in Disasters (VOAD).  

As the largest of the 71 Sections the Ohio Section Manager position is a really important one. Being recently retired I am able to travel and support your meetings, special events and hamfests. In fact, I have logged over 26,000 miles a year traveling this state of ours to meet with you and support your endeavors.

I’m always available for you if you have any questions, concerns or would just like to talk.

Call or write me at (419) 512-4445    n8sy@n8sy.com

UPDATE:..  This past weekend (Field Day) I traveled to 14 different Field Day sites, and drove almost 1,000 miles to visit with you. This has been a tradition of mine for many years. I feel that it is very important for the Section Manager to be out and about with YOU.



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Updated: 06/27/2016